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SEO Executive

Our SEO services are based around building relevance and trust. A search engine is not just going to rank your website; you need to persuade it to do so. If you attempt to take short cuts, you will get poor results down the line.

Properly targeted keywords on each web page tell search engines what the website is about. The search engines then use this knowledge to decide how relevant each page is to a searcher’s query. To conclude if a website is trustworthy or not, search engines utilize intricate algorithms that evaluate the quality of inbound links. Your website ranking, based upon search engines, highly favour trustworthiness and relevance as significant factors.

Our SEO specialists help to grow your website’s leads and traffic by enhancing your site for keywords that are relevant in your industry and by adding links.

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The Position

As an Administrator, you will manage the tracking of SEO clients and ensure an optimal and consistent experience. From follow-up calls, crm entry, email delegation to tracking efficiencies, this is an excellent opportunity for those who are organized, efficient, and have an exceptional client service mindset. Fluent in English, you are experienced in Microsoft Office and are adaptable to learning new processes and productivity tools. We will train you on the rest and give you excellent opportunities for growth in a fun, energetic, and extremely innovative environment. Compensation will commensurate based on experience, but includes a base plus bonuses and employee perks which are too many to list.

Wordpress / Shopify Developer

We are looking to hire a skilled WordPress Developer to design and implement attractive and functional websites for our clients. You will be responsible for both back-end and front-end development including the implementation of WordPress themes and plugins as well as site integration and security updates.

To ensure success as a WordPress Developer, you should have in-depth knowledge of front-end programming languages, a good eye for aesthetics, and strong content management skills. Ultimately, a top-class WordPress Developer can create attractive, user-friendly websites that perfectly meet the design and functionality specifications of the client.   

WordPress / Shopify Developer Responsibilities:

  • Meeting with clients to discuss website design and function.
  • Designing and building the website front-end.
  • Creating the website architecture.
  • Designing and managing the website back-end including database and server integration.
  • Generating WordPress themes and plugins.
  • Conducting website performance tests.
  • Troubleshooting content issues.
  • Conducting WordPress training with the client.
  • Monitoring the performance of the live website.


Website Hosting/Network Technician

Job Description:

Inda SEO is looking for experienced, professional Website Hosting/Network Technician to join and grow with our fast expanding team and clientele. Please review the required skills and responsibilities before submitting your resume:

Position Responsibilities:

This role will include but not be limited to:
● Able to provide tech support in/out office
● Create, develop and maintain websites of some of our long list of clients
● Develop code aligned to the company’s established processes and standards
● Ability to manage multiple deadlines and provide strategic solutions
● Might occasionally have to give technical support to clients
● Should be able to work after work hours (Saturdays-Sundays)
● Launching new websites onto hosting
● Proper understanding of network security
● Network administration

Technical Knowledge & Skills:

Basic Knowledge of different CMS (WordPress/HTML/CMS-Joomla/Shopify) for website
● Understanding of how website backend works
● Basic coding knowledge (MySQL database, PHP myadmin)
● Must have Linux knowledge (will be tested)
● Experience with providing support over remote access
● Basic experience in web development
● Knowledge of email/website hosting is plus
● Knowledge of windows active directory with server 2012/2016
● Knowledge of VOIP/setting up PBX
● Able to effectively diagnose and treat system errors
● Strong knowledge of system security practices
● Perform regular security monitoring to identify any possible intrusions
● Certification A+/CCNA preferable
● Knowledge of computer hardware
● Knowledge of email clients like Outlook, Thunderbird, emclient, etc.

Skills and Qualifications:

● Must have digital agency experience
● Minimum of 5 years of web hosting and development
● BS or Diploma in software development, computer science or related field

SEO Analyst

Job Description:

The SEO Analyst will be responsible for evaluating customer behaviour in order to modify and develop key features of the customer’s online experience. In coordination with management, this SEO Analyst will be expected to turn operational and project requirements into technical specifications while also working to develop and deliver completed projects.

Position Responsibilities:

● Do keyword research to connect a client’s business objective of optimizing their existing content with new opportunities
● Provide SEO analysis and recommendations to execute strategies for the development of content that align with SEO goals
● Apply search engine programs like XML sitemaps, webmaster tools and shopping feeds for diagnostic reporting purposes
● Keep up with SEO, social media and internet marketing developments and trends
● Aid in the creation and support of marketing content to use for social media purposes. Content can include blog posts, customer video briefs and customer case studies

Skills and Qualifications:

● Able to work independently regarding client projects
● Social Media Marketing
● Knowledge of PPC (Pay Per Click Program)
● Basic knowledge of HTML and JavaScript


SEO Product Manager/Senior

Job Description:

The SEO Product Manager will be responsible for helping to launch specific products as well as groups of products and services, from conception throughout its life cycle. This Product Manager will also need to partake in marketing strategy, research and development for both existing and emerging products.

Position Responsibilities:

Identify and recommend product improvements based on customer needs
● Determine priorities within product development
● Benchmark techniques in order to optimize performance and product strategy
● Share in writing Product Requirement Documents as well as defining processes
● Participate in monitoring product performance in the short term, including market trends, customer needs, customer feedback and competitor information

Skills and Qualifications:

● Strong technical and analytical skills
● Strong understanding of online businesses
● An ability to develop client partnerships and customer focus
● Initiative and creative
● Excellent presentations skills

SEO Strategist

Job Description:

The SEO Strategist will play a critical role in the strategic development of SEO content while overseeing the digital content team. The SEO Strategist will guide others through customer engagement after measuring the effectiveness of other channels.

Position Responsibilities:

● Completes the content formulation and optimization process from start to finish
● Creates digital strategies while establishing metrics, tracking and reporting
● Stay updated regarding customer marketing and multi-integration trends
● Lead on SEO content analysis and research initiatives, determining resources that will help with consumer insight and strategic planning processes to guide clients
● Supports and contributes to a safe and healthy work environment by partaking in all workplace policies, regulations and initiatives

Skills and Qualifications:

● Have an Undergraduate degree in a similar field
● A strong understanding of social media and email marketing
● Google Analytics
● Attention to detail and accuracy is a must

Website Designer/Developer

Job Description:

Our company is looking for a skilled Website Developer to join our team. You will be working to create and edit web pages, graphics and templates to be used for our client’s websites. You’ll talk to clients to discuss and understand their needs and overall goals, all while providing the appropriate recommendations and advice necessary.
Position Responsibilities:

● You’ll be gaining insight on any website, promotion pages, mobile site and competitor demands as well as the client’s target audience
● You’ll be planning the client’s entire website, making sure all aspects of the pages are functional and benefit the user’s experience
● Create efficient navigational elements
● Complete projects in a timely manner with quick turn-around
● Maintain the appearance of client websites through the enhancement of content and display standards

Skills and Qualifications:

● Has a strong understanding of jQuery, JavaScript and PHP
● Is an excellent communicator and team player
● Has a strong understanding of website speed optimization, cache features and resource loading

SEM Analyst

Job Description:

We are looking for a Search Engine Marketing (SEM) Analyst to join our company. You will be responsible for managing digital projects under the direction of the Manager. This position is responsible for the accurate and timely execution of digital initiatives to support marketing strategies and priorities.

Position Responsibilities:

● Schedule online ad campaigns for clients while liaising with their respective representative, and ensuring ads meet requirements
● Work with clientele directly to assist with sales inquiries, provide information about the client’s account, get information about client ad campaign requirements and targeting information, perform updates, and communicate outcomes
● Analyze data sets to identify vital details and outcomes for clients
● Monitor the performance of active campaigns to ensure they are delivering results, and communicate with the Manager to resolve issues if they are not
● Create reports that summarize ad campaign outcomes, and provide recommendations based on the data for our clientele

Skills and Qualifications:

● Degree, diploma or certificate in Digital or New Media Marketing and completion of Google AdWords Certificates
● Experience with paid advertising such as PPC ads on Google, Yahoo/Bing, Facebook ads, Remarketing, Display Ads, Conversions Tracking, etc.
● Minimum three years of experience with digital reporting and tracking and analytics, i.e. email, online media, advertising

Please submit your resume. We require only one position at the moment.

Software Engineer

Job Description:

We are looking for a Software Engineer to design, develop and install software solutions. This role is responsible for gathering user requirements, defining system functionality and writing code in various languages like Java and Ruby on Rails or .NET programming languages, i.e. C++ or JScript.NET. Our ideal candidate is familiar with the software development life cycle (SDLC) from preliminary system analysis to tests and deployment. Ultimately, the role of the Software Engineer is to build high-quality, innovative and fully functioning software that complies with coding standards and technical design.

Position Responsibilities:

Develop flowcharts, layouts and documentation to identify requirements and solutions
● Write well-designed, testable code
● Produce specifications and determine operational feasibility
● Develop software verification plans and quality assurance procedures
● Troubleshoot, debug, upgrade existing systems and evaluate user feedback

Skills and Qualifications:

● Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Science, Engineering or a related field
● Ability to develop software in Java, Ruby on Rails, C++ or other programming languages and superior knowledge of relational databases, SQL and ORM technologies (JPA2, Hibernate)
● Experience developing web applications using at least one popular web framework (JSF, Wicket, GWT, Spring MVC)


Content Writer

Inda SEO is looking for experienced, professional Content Writer to join and grow with our fast expanding team and clientele. Please review the required skills and responsibilities before submitting your resume:

Job Description:

We are looking for a Content Writer to join our editorial team and enrich our websites with new blog posts, guides and marketing copy.
Content Writer responsibilities include conducting thorough research on industry-related topics, generating ideas for new content types and proofreading articles before publication. If you’re familiar with producing online content and have an eye for detail, we’d like to meet you. Feel free to share samples of your work or portfolio of your published articles, along with your application.
Ultimately, you’ll deliver quality writing pieces that appeal to our audiences, attract customers and boost brand awareness.

Position Responsibilities:

● Ability to research a wide variety of industry-related topics through online sources
● Write clear SEO marketing copy based on keywords to promote products/services of a long list of clients from diverse industries
● Prepare well-structured, proof-read and edited blog posts to drive web traffic
● Submit work to the editors for input and approval
● Promote content on social media (Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin)
● Have diverse writing skills such as email marketing, online videos
● Knowledge of format (style, fonts, images and tone)
● Knowledge of WordPress

Skills and Qualifications:

● Proven work experience as a Content Writer, Copywriter or Journalism
● Excellent writing and editing skills in English
● Provide portfolio of published articles
● Interest in research using multiple sources
● Experience with Content Management Systems (WordPress)
● Ability to meet tight deadlines at high speed
● Degree in English, Marketing, Communication, Journalism or a related field

Graphic Designer

Job Description:

We are looking for a graphic designer to create engaging and on-brand graphics for a variety of media. This role entails visualizing and creating graphics such as illustrations, logos, layouts and photos. It will be your responsibility to shape the visual aspects of our digital products. Your graphics should capture the attention of those who see them and communicate the right message. To do this, you need to have a creative flair and a strong ability to translate requirements into design. If you can communicate well and work methodically as part of a team, we would love to hear from you.

Position Responsibilities:

● Schedule projects and define budget constraints
● Prepare rough drafts and present ideas
● Develop illustrations, logos and other designs using software or by hand
● Work with Content Writers and the Creative Director to produce final pieces
● Amend plans depending on feedback and ensure final graphics and layouts are visually appealing and on-brand

Skills and Qualifications:

● Degree or diploma in Design, Fine Arts or a related field along with a strong portfolio of illustrations or other graphics
● Mastery of design software and technologies such as InDesign, Illustrator, Dreamweaver, Photoshop
● Excellent communication skills and the ability to work methodically to meet deadlines

Social Media Manager

Inda SEO is seeking experienced, professional Social Media Manager to join and grow with our fast expanding team and clientele. Please review the required skills and responsibilities before submitting your resume:

Job Description:

We are looking for a Social Media Manager to join our creative team. We are looking for a social media manager to develop our company’s social networks. You will create and curate content to gain new followers and grow our clients’ business communities on social media/ You will build and social marketing campaigns aimed towards brand recognition and driving traffic to the websites and manage all company content. You should be familiar with web analytic tools to track campaign progress, be familiar with new industry trends and manage the community with suitable replies on behalf of the companies you represent. You will collaborate with the content writing team, PR and marketing teams to align company messages and objectives with the social strategy.

Position Responsibilities:

● Develop and implement engaging written and visual content, campaigns, and strategies to build brand awareness on Facebook, Instagram,Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, YouTube, and others
● Oversee day-to-day management of brand campaigns to ensure consistency
● Create and maintain an editorial calendar that aligns with social updates
● Monitor and review social media response using web analytic tools and develop new ways to improve traffic
● Analyze data, and research the best ways to increase web traffic
● Drive engagement with social media influencers
● Resolve customer issues through community management
● Research new media platforms, trends, and industry opportunities

Skills and Qualifications:

● Bachelor’s degree in marketing, PR, or related field
● At least two years of experience in social media management
● Excellent writing and editing skills in English
● Experience with Hootsuite, Sprout Social, or HubSpot
● Knowledge of Photoshop, Illustrator, or other similar editing tools, and Google Analytics
● Proficient computer skills, Microsoft Office Suite (Word, PowerPoint, Outlook, and Excel)
● Knowledge of Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
● Experience with technologies for web design across multiple platforms
● Knowledge and experience creating campaigns for diverse demographics
● Excellent time-management skills with ability to supervise multiple projects

Creative Director

Job Description:

Inda SEO is looking for a Creative Director to develop programs (including, but not limited to, experiential, content, talent and display, search and social programs) for our brand partners. The Creative Director will be responsible for inspiring and working with all departments at Inda SEO and will oversee execution of all integrated projects. The Creative Director will play a vital role in creating meaningful work.

Position Responsibilities:

● Working alongside various departments as required (Strategy, Talent, Communications, Artists, Production, etc)
● Contribute creative and strategic insight and ideas to new and existing Inda SEO business opportunities and projects
● Manage the creative development and execution of all new business proposals and presentations (including keynote presentations, mood boards, storyboards, and video reels) from ideation to delivery
● Responsible for identifying and overseeing creative partners to collaborate with (Designers, Artists, Photographers, Directors, etc)
● Manage resources involved in delivering innovative solutions to clients – includes client needs assessment, identification of required resources, management of client expectations, and 3rd party vendor relationships
● Work with internal teams on the creative development of Inda SEO proprietary content including agency materials and assets

Skills and Qualifications:

● Creative thinker who can ideate and execute innovative strategies to support brand initiatives with a focus on editorial storytelling, influencers and consumer engagement.
● Outstanding ability to build strong lasting partnerships and foster teamwork
● Strong business writing, storytelling, communication, presentation skills
● Outstanding ability to think strategically
● Previous agency experience with creating engaging presentations
● Advanced level of proficiency in Keynote, Adobe Creative Suite (including PhotoShop, Illustrator, InDesign, Acrobat Pro and/or After Effects)

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