At Inda SEO, we offer a partnership program that value adds to your company’s existing services. Our partnership program is tailored for both individuals and small businesses seeking customized digital marketing services as well as larger organizations looking for comprehensive services. We are aware that you may not be equipped with all the resources, industry insights, knowledge or online marketing expertise required to give you an edge over your competitors. With our collaboration, we help you develop that arm and contribute to your sales process at your discretion and frequency.

Partner With Us

Our comprehensive experience within the digital marketing industry is tailored for partnership programs for the following types of companies:

  • Web Design Firms

  • Traditional Advertising Agencies

  • PR Firms

  • Printing Companies

  • Creative Consultants & Freelancers

  • Web Hosting Companies

  • Ad Serving Networks

Collaborative Opportunities

Inda SEO offers you three types of collaborative opportunities to grow your business:


We offer you a compensation with a commission for every referral that we take on. Commissions can be paid one-time or for ongoing monthly clients. Our commissions range from 10-20%, based on the level of involvement.


If your company introduces Inda SEO to your client as a third party agency, we are happy to collaborate together as a second option. We will focus on the online aspects of your client’s business, while you focus on the offline aspects or even a mix. The joint collaboration is ultimately towards the client’s growth, which would benefit all three parties.


The third collaborative option is more discreet. It involves keeping Inda SEO unknown to your client. All tasks, communication, content creation, analytics and reporting will be presented to your client through your company. White Label makes sure that all documents and reports from us are under your brand before they are brought before the client.

Benefits of Inda SEO’s Partnership Programs

  • Receive monthly commissions for our services on every client you refer

  • Build client loyalty through a digital marketing strategy from experts in the field

  • Enjoy transparency in lead tracking through detailed reports

  • Leverage our business development management services

  • Enjoy special discounted rates on our digital marketing services for your own company

  • More business from your current clients based on our recommendations during the consulting and auditing phases


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