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A well-planned social media strategy is critical for business success in today’s world. At Inda SEO Punjab, we are experts in Social Media Marketing across all social channels. Whether you are looking for B2B or B2C social media management, interested in creating a community, wish to power your social profiles or build content on an ongoing basis, we can help you turn impressions, views and likes into conversions to help your business prosper.


Optimize the Best Performing Social Platforms to Build Your Business

Facebook Marketing

It is crucial to develop an SEO optimized Facebook Business Page to maximize conversions. Your Facebook page is the second “home page” for your business where consumers will find information details that could influence their decision. There are 1.5 billion users on Facebook now, offering the largest demographics compared to any other social platform. We will help you leverage your FB page through professional management and tailored targeting.

Twitter Marketing

Twitter is undoubtedly one of the best ways for your company to build a niche audience base. It is one of the leaders in social networks. See how follower counts can increase with viral tweets, retweets, post shares and strategic hashtags. Twitter allows you to build an authoritative voice and promote brand innovations.

YouTube Marketing

The biggest reason for your business to have a strong presence on YouTube is that it is owned by Google. This boosts search engine optimization, so your videos are more likely to be visible to your target audience. An optimized, customized, correctly categorized video has the power to turn your business around. Our experts will show you how.

LinkedIn Marketing

Linkedin is the perfect social platform for B2B businesses to reach out. It allows you to connect and network with business professionals, target by job title and industry, help you develop a strong voice to establish you as a leader in the industry, nurture professional relationships and establish online connections.

Pinterest Marketing

Good visuals have the power to drive consumer decisions towards purchase. Pinterest helps you establish that. The nature of the social platform is visual. High quality Pinterest images can go viral and crop up on search results frequently, establishing your brand as a smart player. Many businesses have seen their profits turn around simply by adding Pinterest to their social strategy.

Instagram Marketing

Instagram is a reliable way to build a large follower base, develop a loyal community and appear accessible to your brands. Instagram is owned by Facebooks making advertising easier and allowing analytics that help you to make data-driven decisions through attractive visual content, brand-focused hashtags and visually appealing content.

Social Media Marketing Strategy


We begin your social media marketing strategy with a comprehensive audit of your current social media profiles and competitor analysis. We provide a detailed report to recognize audience insights, and create an insightful marketing strategy through expert research on your audience’s interests, behaviours and preferred social media platform. Each campaign is analysed to check effectiveness and tweaked as necessary to maximize impact.


The online world, especially social media is a crowded marketplace. To cut through the clutter and banter, your business needs high quality, cutting-edge creative content from infographics to videos, images or blog post links. This is a specialized skill that every company is not equipped with. At Inda SEO, we specialize in Social Media Marketing. Our experts are trained to engage your consumers with compelling content and innovative visuals to guide them to walk through the different marketing funnel stages, drive engagement and conversions.

Creative Content
Google Analytics and Reports


Analytics and reporting are vital to measure the success of your business strategies, develop marketing objectives and deliver tailor-made reports. At Inda SEO, our custom reports make sure your social media profiles are on track. We help you view insightful monthly reports and weigh them against each other to track marketing goals and develop future ones.


A well-executed paid media strategy is crucial for online marketing success. Paid media allows your company to identify the right audience and understand which niche groups are engaging with the ads. Paid ad results can be surprisingly different from what your company anticipated. Smart marketers employ professionals to incorporate paid media advertising into their business objectives, optimize campaigns and amplify their earned media. At Inda SEO, we create and manage social media campaigns that grow your audience, generate leads, develop email campaigns and drive conversions.

Paid Advertising
Social Media Management


Community managers on your social medial pages help direct the development and health of your online communities. They create and manage the brand voices, serving as brand advocates for your company on social networks. Each community manager adopts a social persona to drive awareness, engagement, interaction and respond to consumer concerns on time, in a friendly tone that helps the brand build loyal followers and diffuse concerns.


Influencer marketing works hand-in-hand with social media marketing and content marketing to build a brand’s credibility. The strategy is to employ key influencers who serve as brand advocates to drive the products to their followers, helping the business grow their consumer base. Influencer campaigns are usually developed on the influencer’s personal social media page with assistance from the company’s social media marketing professionals. Each marketing technique is unique, requires a specific approach and works in tandem to work towards the collective goal on the digital space: to reach out to a wider audience.

Influencer marketing