When purchasing life insurance it’s important to decide how much coverage you need, establish how long you need your coverage for, and to consider the cost. At Beaver Street, we have designed a low cost, easy to access term insurance made specifically for young families like yours.

Level Term Life Insurance
A level term life insurance policy is the most common and most affordable type of term insurance. You select a term, usually between 10-30 years, and the amount of coverage you need. Should you die, your beneficiaries receive the benefits of the policy helping to relieve them of some financial responsibilities. These may include dependent care, university education, funeral costs, consumer debt, and mortgages. Keep in mind that the earlier you purchase life insurance, the less expensive it is and the easier it is to qualify.

Why Buy Term Life Insurance?
Some of the advantages of buying term life insurance are that it’s affordable and predictable. You know exactly how long your policy lasts, how much it costs and how much coverage you have. Compared to other types of insurance, you are paying a fraction of the price for the same coverage.

Another advantage is that if you have significant changes to your health, like it a cancer diagnosis, a heart attack or stroke; you will be covered at the original price until the end of your contract. The insurance company cannot make changes.

Term life insurance is great to consider buying if you need protection for a set period of time. For example, families who are concerned about the cost of raising children until they graduate from a university will buy term life insurance that extends to the expected graduation date.
Beaver Street Life Insurance makes the choice and process of getting life insurance fast and easy.