British Columbia is one of the most beautiful Provinces in Canada that you can live in! It also features some of the fastest growing cities in terms of population and business in Victoria, Vancouver, Whistler, and Kelowna just to name a few. British Columbia also features quaint towns that more people are moving to, to get away from all noise and rush that are in the bigger cities. People are starting to spread out of the big cities for multiple reasons; they want to start a family, they want to downsize from the city life, they want to own a house rather than rent an apartment or they have found a better paying job in the area.

If you are one of the many people who has either moved to a new city in BC already or planning on doing it in the near future, you need to heavily consider buying life insurance.

Why Do I Need To Buy Life Insurance?

Let’s be honest, talking about and even thinking about death sucks. A negative connotation that comes along with life insurance is that people, especially if they are young and healthy, feel like when they buy a life insurance policy, they are preparing to die soon. They avoid getting a life insurance policy because they think they have a lot of years left to live, and they probably do. The truth is, life doesn’t always go as we plan and some of us will unexpectedly pass away.

Think about life insurance like every other insurance policy you have; even if you have a clean driving record and have been involved in zero accidents, you still need auto insurance, just in case. If you live in a safe neighbourhood that has never been broken into or has a history of catching fire, you still need home insurance, just in case. If you live a healthy lifestyle, exercise, and eat well, you still do need to have life insurance, just in case.

Life insurance is incredibly important to have if you are in a relationship and are planning on starting a family. Living in British Columbia can be very expensive and bringing in another person into the world means you will need to buy a lot of diapers, food, toys, clothes, etc. The expenses could start adding up and if anything terrible happened to you or your partner, not having a life insurance policy could make it impossible to pay off funeral expenses, medical bills, and support your child at the same time.

How Beaver Street Life Insurance Can Help

Beaver Street Life Insurance wants to have an open discussion about the importance of getting a life insurance policy, especially for young people and families living in British Columbia. We created this company to provide quick, affordable, and non-invasive life insurance policies for everybody living in British Columbia. To get started, all you have to do is click the button below to get covered in only minutes.